Wherever you are in recovery, with Australia experiencing record inflation levels tipped to peak by the end of 2023, its time to make sure you have adequate capital to successfully run your business.

Perhaps you have some debts to settle; such as paying the ATO or clearing outstanding super arrears. Following an extended period of leniency, during the pandemic, last year the ATO increased their focus on delinquent accounts and will continue to chase small businesses with outstanding debt. You may be looking to improve your business’s market position to shore up its long-term viability. Or maybe you’re thinking about growth, with plans to invest and expand in the year ahead.

Whatever your goal it often comes back to cash flow.

Cash flow may still be tight, but with clever management (and access to highly affordable funding), your business can start clearing arrears and boosting working capital.

How well are you managing your cash flow?

If you’d like a series of easy to follow, actionable steps for taking control of your cash flow, check out our free cash flow guide. With a list of top cash flow issues identified by business owners and directors, plus advice about calculating your working capital, our guide has practical tips for solving common cash flow struggles.

You’ll find advice on: 

  • How to deal with potential late payers 
  • Making it easy for your customers to pay you 
  • Maintaining strong relationships with customers and suppliers, and 
  • Keeping on top of your tax position.

Click here to download our free cash flow guide or get in touch to have a chat about how we can help.