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Electronic Communication

If you provide us with an email address and mobile phone number, you consent for us to use these details to send you, or make available to you, electronic copies of notices, facility documents, other related documents and correspondence.

By giving this consent, you acknowledge:

  • this consent applies to all types of communication that is permitted by law to occur electronically. Therefore paper (hard copy) documents may no longer be provided to you, unless we are obliged by law;
  • you are responsible for maintaining appropriate software, hardware and associated processes to receive, access, review, print and save copies of such documents;
  • you must regularly check your email, electronic communication mediums and/or online portal for communication from us;
  • if your details change, you must promptly notify us.

If you don’t want to receive documents electronically, please let us know and we’ll discuss alternative options. Despite your consent to receive electronic copies, we reserve the right to send physical documents.