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Stimulus Overview - NSW & ACT

Here you’ll find an overview of the stimulus packages recently implemented for the ACT & NSW as at 16/04. This will be updated regularly but we’d also recommend seeking advice from your tax advisors on the opportunities available.

NSW stimulus overview

Fee and licence relief:

NSW businesses who have to apply for or renew certain licences will have their fees waived for 12 months from April 2020.

This is expected to benefit 200,000 SMEs, including a range of trade and construction businesses.

The 12 month fee relief period will apply to various SafeWork NSW licences, NSW Fair Trading licences and Liquor and Gaming NSW licences, as outlined in detail here.

Incentives for landlords to reduce rent:

Commercial (and residential) landlords in NSW will be able to apply for a reduction of up to 25% on their land tax in 2020, on the condition that they pass it on to any of their tenants suffering from the economic impacts of COVID-19.

The NSW Treasurer hopes that this concession will help tenants start a discussion with their landlords over rent reduction. Details via Accountants Daily, here.

Payroll tax:
  • For Groups with Australian wages of less than $10 million, a 3 month waiver of payroll tax and a further 25% reduction in their overall FY19-20 payroll tax liability is available. These Groups are also eligible for a further 3 month deferral of payroll tax.
  • For Groups with Australian wages in excess of $10 million, a 6 month payroll tax deferral is available.
Stamp duty:

Waiver of $80 million worth of fees and charges for small businesses including bars, cafes, restaurants and tradespeople. More details on this announcement are pending.

Other initiatives:

The NSW Government announced it would spend:

  • $500 million to bring forward capital works and maintenance.
  • $250 million to employ additional cleaners of public infrastructure (such as transport assets, schools and other public buildings). 

TAFE NSW is providing 21 fee-free courses where SME owners can gain practical skills to help their business thrive.

The free courses can be completed in days or weeks, and topics include Team Leader Skill Set, Admin Skills for Team Leaders, eMarketing for Small Business and Writing and Presentation Skills. Find out more here.

ACT stimulus overview

Free advice consultation for ACT businesses:

Businesses based in the Australian Capital Territory can now receive up to four hours of free, tailored advice and access online business development resources. The Canberra Business Advice and Support Service helps business owners address the impact of COVID-19 and provides one-on-one business management advice. Bookings are essential. Find out about this service, and more on offer for ACT businesses, here.

Payroll tax:

Six month waiver on payroll tax for hospitality, creative arts and entertainment industries. Access to interest free deferrals of payroll tax commencing 1 July 2020 for all businesses up to a payroll threshold of $10 million.

Stamp duty:

A rebate on the fixed charge for 2019-20 on commercial rates for properties with an AUV below $2 million will be provided, which particularly targets businesses who own their own premises. Fee waiver for food business registration and liquor licencing fees (excluding off-license) and outdoor dining fees and a $750 rebate for small business owners to help with power bills. Expediting the payment of bills to support small to medium businesses.

Individual income support:

Rebates of $150 on residential rates to help ease cash flow pressures for Canberra households, as well as a freeze on a number of fees and charges, including the fire and emergency services levy, public transport, vehicle registration and parking fees.

Rental support of $250 for all public housing tenants in the coming months, as well as a one-off rebate for residential utility concession holders of $200 to help with power bills. More work will be required in the coming months alongside any stimulus offered by the Commonwealth Government on income support.

 Other initiatives:
  • Additional payment of $1.5 million, as well as freeing up the existing $1.8 million, in the Clubs Diversification Fund.
  • $20 million immediate spending on infrastructure projects and maintenance on local schools, roads, and public transport.

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