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ScotPac’s Partner Portal delivers the tools you need for success

Grow your business with our new Partner Portal

ScotPac is committed to the success of all our valued partners. That’s why we have developed our new Partner Portal, that gives you access to a world of resources and technologies to help drive new business and increase your customer base.

  • Sales: Engage, qualify and convert more leads – fast
  • Marketing: Develop smart marketing strategies to generate more leads and build your personal brand
  • Customer Relationship Management: Foster deeper relationships and keep track of your communications
  • Operations: Develop efficiencies to save time and process customers faster

ScotPac’s Partner Portal helps increase sales with tools and marketing resources to grow your business. Members receive access to a regularly updated library of diverse content to better manage customers and world class technology to speed up business operations.

The Partner Portal meets broker challenges

We know that brokers are always looking for new sales. The Partner Portal gives partners access to resources to quickly navigate offerings, calculators to rapidly determine their borrowing power and access instant approval.

When it comes to securing new clients, marketing is key. Our portal offers a library of authoritative content for partners to use on their website, social media platforms and email campaigns – all available to white-label and distribute to your customer base.

As leads filter in from marketing campaigns, nurturing them with strong customer relationship management is imperative. The Partner Portal delivers access to our industry-leading solutions including:

  • Finance solutions with simplified quotations: Get the numbers you need for your clients with our Asset Finance Quick Quote. You can white-label our quotation process to match your personal brand.
  • Instant conditional approval: We offer our customers instant conditional approval through our Asset Finance Fast Doc application process.
  • Tools: We offer a product selection tool as well as a working capital calculator.
  • Resources: Content and campaigns are ready to send at the click of a button, supercharging your marketing and driving brand awareness 
  • Broad access for your whole team: Individuals registered with company administrator access on the portal will be able to submit applications and quotes on behalf of their colleagues working in the same organisation. Additionally, the administrator will be able to send emails and set up social media posts on behalf of the rest of their organisation. 

Our tools support a great customer experience to help nurture and convert more leads – fast. 

And as a Portal Partner you’ll also receive valuable ongoing support to help manage your operations, delighting existing customers and opening the door to more clients.


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