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Tractor Financing

Flexible financing for tractor purchases. Trusted provider of capital solutions for over 35 years.

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Tractor finance for new and used vehicles

Tailored, flexible finance solutions for tractors

ScotPac is the largest non-banking provider of financial solutions across Australia and New Zealand. With an incredible breadth and depth of capability, our lending specialists can help you with financing a tractor or fleet of new tractors.

If you’re a small or medium sized enterprise, it can be difficult to fund the assets you need through traditional lenders. The ScotPac team can help. With faster approval processes, easier application experiences and more flexible funding options, we’ll help add the business fuel your company needs to truly grow.

Flexible terms of up to 5 years and approval turnaround times in as little as 24 hours will ensure your tractor finance comes through at record rates and with exceptional speed. 

We work with you to understand your needs, whether you’re looking to finance new tractors, replace old ones or even upgrade your existing vehicles.

The right finance for tractors

Funding Flexibility

Our tractor finance solutions are flexible and can provide up to 100% of the cost for your new tractor or used tractor.

Local or Overseas

Sourcing your tractor or other agricultural equipment is easier with reliable and fast access to working capital.

Working Capital

Working capital is essential for ensuring the continued and long term sustainability of a business. ScotPac can help you unlock the cash flow you need to grow.

We’re SME specialists and work with clients of varying levels of complexity and size. Our clients are our partners and we work closely and collaboratively to find the right financial solution that suits their business. 

Moreover, our tech-enabled experiences include trade ledgers, faster documentation platforms and a partner portal so that your entire funding experience is less hassle, takes less time and is less interruptive.

Tractor finance in agricultural industry

Effective and streamlined tractor finance plays an important role in the agricultural industry. Farmers and producers regularly need to invest in new or replace old equipment and machinery, such as tractors. By ensuring that these businesses have the necessary capital to make such purchases, ScotPac helps prevent any negative effect on efficiency or productivity.

Over the years, improved technology has helped to further reduce the time and labour required for various farming tasks. Tractors are widely used to plough fields, plant crops and yield harvests in a far quicker, more efficient and easier way. This allows for higher crop yields and therefore greater profitability.

Tractors, and other equipment, can be expensive and difficult to purchase outright and/or immediately. However, with the right financing for a tractor, the equipment needed can be acquired whenever and wherever necessary. 

Customised, flexible financing solutions ensure that all of our agricultural clients looking for tractor finance can access fast and reliable working capital. The right financial solutions offer a critical opportunity for both individual companies and the agricultural industry as a whole to grow and succeed.

Finding a provider of tractor financing

The finance rates of any loan or funding solution is an important factor when selecting a provider. There are other considerations to factor in as well.

Approval Speed

When it comes to replacing or purchasing new trucks, approval speed can be critical to minimising operations disruption. With ScotPac, tractor finance can be approved in as little as 24 hours.

Funding Amount

Traditional lenders may not always provide funding for 100% of the cost of a new or used tractor. Our team’s flexible solutions can provide all of the capital you need to purchase the new tractors outright for your business.

Capital Access

Access to working capital is essential for both ongoing business activity day to day and ongoing growth. We’ve invested in the latest technology to improve our clients’ access to their funds in a frictionless and seamless way.

Tractor Finance Questions Answered

Do I need financials to apply for tractor financing?

Our capital solutions require minimal financials, unlike more traditional lenders such as banks. We save time and effort by offering a streamlined application process. If you have struggled to obtain approval from banks for tractor finance in the past, we’ll find a way to get you the funding you need.

What age tractor can I finance?

Our business loans are available for purchasing both new and used tractors. In fact, ScotPac often fund older assets, such as tractors, as long as the loan’s end-of term is paid off by the time the asset is 20 years old.  Each business has particular needs for their operations and requirements. We’ll work closely with you as partners to find the right finance solution for the type and age of tractor you need.

What are the interest rates?

Tractor finance interest rates can be affected by factors such as your company’s financial situation, the loan term and the age of the tractor being purchased. Other economic and market factors can also affect the interest rate offered.

Can I only finance tractors or other assets as well?

We provide comprehensive asset finance to small and medium sized businesses. As well as tractors, our clients have received financing approval for purchasing new machinery, equipment and trucks.

Our Solutions

ScotPac offers a wide range of business and commercial finance solutions that help you get the funding you need. Choose the right financing solution for your business.