• Businesses that are expanding: growing pains can place massive pressure on business cash flow
  • Freeing up the family home: business requires more funds than available equity
  • Slow paying debtors: clients can sometimes take advantage of a good working relationship and draw out payments
  • Turning away new business: maxed out buying power
  • Outgrowing existing facilities: unable to increase funding lines
  • Dipping into personal funds: a reliance on personal funding to support the business can be unsustainable
  • Unable to meet commitments: falling behind with the ATO and into arrears with payroll and super
  • Succession: business transitions into the hands of new management which incurs additional costs
  • Turnaround: business owners that need time to recover from poor trading performance

Scottish Pacific Business Finance offers a range of funding solutions tailored to the size, age, industry and lifecycle of a business.

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