There’s no denying the inflationary pressures of the last year caused many businesses to struggle, with forced closures and sales downturns landing some in hot water. And while government stimulus packages have kept many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) afloat, these have come to an end.

While some floundered, other businesses have flourished thanks to greater demand for their goods or services. This has created a need for more staff, larger premises, or rapid upscaling of technology and equipment.

Interestingly, both struggle and success can create the same problem for a business – cash flow.

A healthy flow of cash is like a perfectly tuned engine. It keeps your finances ticking over nicely, and can provide extra power when needed – such as to capitalise on growth opportunities.

However, if your business has experienced cash flow troubles recently, you’re not alone.

In fact, most SMBs have been grappling with cash flow issues.

One vital step you can take to ensure improved cash flow this year is to create a cash flow plan.

A cash flow plan helps you determine where and why your business is struggling with cash flow – and shows you how to overcome those challenges – to ensure you can meet your financial commitments and drive growth.

Do you need a cash flow plan? 

Our free, easy to use guide shows you how to make a cash flow plan.

You will get: 

  • a list of the top cash flow issues identified by business owners and directors 
  • a highly practical cash flow action plan, with 9 top tips for overcoming common hurdles 
  • advice about working capital, including steps for calculating how much your business needs 
  • additional solutions for getting cash flowing through your business

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Another way to bolster cash flow is to generate a cash flow forecast.

This allows you to predict the impact of potential changes, such as hiring more staff or buying new equipment, on your business.

Plotting the best and worst-case scenarios in advance means you can feel more confident when making decisions.