Following a restructure and ownership changes to their labour hire and permanent recruitment businesses in 2011, John and Fiona Harland were faced with the challenge of funding new ventures.


With their assets residing in Australia rather than NZ and with the businesses not having a trading history over three years, the banks were unable to provide facilities without NZ based security. John turned to Scottish Pacific because he was convinced from the initial meeting that the staff there had the desire to make a deal happen within the tight timeframe available, even though it meant working over the weekend. “The service level was terrific”, said Mr. Harland, “it has continued to be so all along. Scottish Pacific understands our business and the challenges of the on-hire industry as pertains to the overriding importance of cashflow. This is fundamental to the viability of our business and is a huge plus for us.”

Unique Challenges

“The facility is flexible and suits our business and the unique challenges of the on-hire industry down to the ground. It solves cash flow issues resulting from paying wages weekly and then having to wait for payment from clients, and it genuinely grows in line with your turnover which can be a problem with an overdraft facility and the necessity to secure this against personal assets.”