Established in 1978, The Station Ltd provides a range of services for men and women aged 21 and over who are experiencing homelessness and/or unemployment. These services include free meals, shower and laundry facilities, emergency relief, self-care assistance, mental health support, housing support and many others.

Their mission is ‘To provide a range of services for people who are having difficulty attaining and sustaining adequate and secure accommodation, health status, personal autonomy and dignity’.

This year our Sydney office decided that rather than the usual Kris Kringle gift exchange, instead they would make donations to Station Ltd.

There was an overwhelming response to the initiative with hundreds of dollars of goods being donated.

Station Ltd was so grateful for the donations made. Some of the items were presented as Christmas gifts at their annual boxing day lunch and other donations will be used throughout the year to meet the basic needs of their clients.

It was a great experience for staff and the office is looking forward to doing it again next year.