We’ve recently partnered with David Koch and the team at Small Business First, who are working to help Aussie small businesses by providing the advice and direction to survive & thrive. Working alongside brands like Google and Canva, the project is a way of highlighting the incredible stories of perseverance and bravery that can inspire not just other business people, but a nation of consumers also. It’s a way of connecting businesses to both consumers, as well as other businesses with special offers and deals, as a way of making and saving money.

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Small Business First is an 8-part TV series that runs on Channel 7 every Sunday at 1pm until 26th July. Also launched is the Small Business First digital hub – built to help small businesses access new customers with community deals, find special offers from other businesses, and access a comprehensive content hub.

With the partnership, ScotPac is contributing to the Small Business First learning hub will have ongoing content and resources for businesses to put into action, including a podcast series, a weekly live webcast, and digital video content.